The Spaghetti Tree Story

In 1985 founders Papa Luigi and Mamma Caterina as most customers know them as, converted their Sandwich bar Luigi & Caterina’s Sandwich Bar in Sutton into a pasta house.

‘What shall we call it?’ Caterina said, ‘Let’s call it Spaghetti Tree, after the spoof of an April fools joke on BBC Panorama' Luigi suggested. And that's when Spaghetti Tree was born.

They wanted to bring a piece of Sicily to the UK, that was built around food, family and music.

To help them create more of their home native dishes they took on Sicilian Chef Marcello. They didn’t even have an alcohol licence at the time so customers had to bring their own alcohol.
They served up simple antipasti and every type of pasta and Caterina made all the puddings. Before long, the restaurant was bursting at the seams! People were queuing at the door to come and try Spaghetti Tree's cuisine.

Then in 1988 Luigi and Caterina opened their second restaurant in Carshalton. This restaurant was double the size and they had live music every night. In 1990 a third branch opened in Sutton, Surrey where Luigi used to be a head waiter in the 1970s.

A fourth branch then opened up in Banstead in 1994 and then a fifth branch opened in Worcester Park. All with the same philosophy of keeping it fresh & simple ‘justa like mamma used to make'! Each of the restaurants run by a member of the family.

Since then, Luigi and Caterina went on to join the Rotarian club, tirelessly raising money for charity. Luigi has been rewarded for his work in the hospitality industry.  His Cavaliere, the highest order of merit for labour in Italy, presented to him by the President of Rome in recognition of his services to hospitality, charity and giving back to Italy. He was also awarded Maestro Del Lavoro, recognising his role as a restauranteur in another country to his home and giving back where he could with regional imports.

Both Luigi and Caterina also received IMAHR recognition for their hard work.

In 2004, Maria, the daughter of Luigi and Caterina, continued the family legacy by launching Walton-on-the-Hill. Infusing a modern twist into the traditional Italian restaurant ambiance, she introduced innovative dishes and a contemporary dining setting.

The restaurant quickly became a sensation, attracting customers from far and wide, keen to try the exceptional cuisine and inviting atmosphere.

Within 3 years the restaurant picked up its first award, the PAPA Industry Award for excellence in Italian restaurants.

Throughout the years, the restaurant has consistently evolved and transformed. An expansion paved the way for a spacious bar area, expanding both the beverage selection and cocktail menu.

At just 14 years old, Loredana, Maria's daughter, began her journey at her mother's restaurant, marking the beginning of a business that now spans three generations. Growing within the business over the years, Loredana took on more responsibilities and infused Spaghetti Tree with new, vibrant ideas.

Shortly thereafter, the restaurant started offering takeaway service, allowing customers to enjoy their favourite local Italian from the comfort of their own home.

In 2018, Loredana became a partner, turning the restaurant into a dynamic mother-daughter duo. Since then, their culinary excellence has been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious PAPA Platinum Award for the Best Italian Restaurant in the UK, The British Takeaway Awards for the Best Takeaway in Greater London, and most recently, the distinction of being named the Best Mediterranean Restaurant in Surrey. Throughout its journey, Spaghetti Tree has welcomed an array of familiar faces, including the likes of Victoria Beckham, Phil Tuffnell, Peter Andre, and many more.

In 2021, Maria and Loredana unveiled a new dining gem in Warlingham. With an expansive outdoor area and contemporary furnishings, the restaurant offers a stylish setting for guests to indulge.

Appealing to a diverse range of age groups, the restaurant has earned the loyalty of customers who return time and again. One memorable tale involves a customer who first visited when his daughter was born, and years later, that same daughter celebrated her 18th birthday in the very same establishment.

At Spaghetti Tree, we craft memories. Join us to experience the warm embrace of Italian hospitality, savoured through the finest foods and cocktails. Here, there are no strangers, just friends you've yet to meet.

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